Tróia Peninsula in Portugal


Péninsule troia portugal


The Troia Peninsula is located in the municipality of Grandola, near the mouth of the Sado River. Recently, this peninsula has become a favourite destination for lovers of the sandy beaches that stretch along the Atlantic coast and surround the peninsula.

The peninsula is located 40 kilometres from Lisbon, and from Setubal you can reach this unique region by ferry. There are two types of ferry crossings to the peninsula. One ferry carries pedestrians and the other cars, bicycles, etc. Very often, holidaymakers come by bike and car to Setubal and then go to the peninsula. Therefore, the second type of crossing is perfect for them.

The Troia peninsula in Portugal is a place of interest for archaeologists. The first written information about the peninsula dates back to Roman times, when the peninsula was the island of Acala. The coast is located in the territory of the Arrábida Mountains

Natural Park, so lovers of flora and fauna will enjoy seeing rare birds of prey and other animals. Today, many hotels have been built near the ocean on the Troia Peninsula. Some hotels have their own golf course, which is convenient for golf lovers.

There is a casino and restaurants that offer traditional Portuguese dishes. The peninsula is famous for the fact that coastal waters are inhabited by bottlenose dolphins. The boats that leave from the marina and the city of Setubal offer a sea cruise and the opportunity to see these amazing animals.


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