Arrabida Natural Park in Lisbon Portugal

Arrabida Park Lisbon Portugal

Arrabida Park Lisbon Portugal

Arrabida natural park is located on the northern bank of the mouth of the Sado River, between the town of Setubal and the fishing village of Sesimbra. The park was founded in 1976, covers an area of about 108 km2 and is one of 30 places in Portugal that are officially protected by the State.

The park area is located on the slopes of Arrabida and the highest point of the park is Serra do Arrabida. The park has two beaches that are popular with residents of Lisbon and Setubal.

Visitors will be able to admire the plants that characterize the Mediterranean climate. Among these plants, there are rare specimens of evergreen shrubs that only grow in the Mediterranean. The presence of these plants makes the park a unique and important place for the international scientific community. In order to preserve the flora of the Arrabida Park in the Lisbon region, special areas are under the protection of the Park staff and can only be visited with them.

In total, the park is home to approximately 213 species of animals including reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals.

In the territory of Arrabida Park, there are companies that offer diving and climbing services. Caving enthusiasts can go down into the caves. Those who want to know more about animal and plant life can visit the Oceanography Museum. It is located in Fort Nossa Senhora do Arrabida, near the beach of Portiño.

In 2004, a fire destroyed most of the park, which is currently being restored.


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